1. Silver Stage


I don’t know why they put me up
to sing for everyone
He’s the reason I don’t shy and set out on the run
People keep on coming back despite my different phases
You know, he’s the one that can really sing
and he sings my praises
Mama you’ll meet him and I think you’ll like him too
He’s not like everybody but we sing the very same tune
He’ll push me when I’m crawling and he’ll catch me when I fall
He’s standing in the Backlight he’s the brains behind it all
It’s funny how I never knew
just how big I’ve made it
I’m pushing for the words, you know
I’ll never make him say it
All of this don’t matter now unless I’m by his side
If I’m not I’ll still be working the rest of my life
So fit me on that silver stage and watch the lights go dim
I didn’t think I’d ever even see the light again
Scanning through the audience seeing every tickets sold
Right there in the from row is the only man, whose hand,
I’d ever wanna hold