1. Idastoned


It’s the east side looking over that I call my own
But before I think about my home
It was the west side that took me in
Forget all of your troubles and the trouble begins
It held my hand and pulled me close
Took all of my money got me good and Idastoned

You’ll be dead before you see me giving sympathy
To a boy that ran to go fishing
I’ll cast the line and lose the pole
It’s war out here in the fishing hole
Don’t know what it’ll take to fix
Going fishing for gold and reeling in goldfish

Well my man who doesn’t seem to have one care
Waits for me up above the atmosphere
We like it so much better far from the crowds
Smoking up here above the clouds
We all stay fed, we all stay high
Putting the great in the great divide

When it’s time to make my way on out of here
And it’s cold and walking out into the clear
It’s been a long long time since I went home
My daddy don’t recognize me no more
They welcome me in as I get off the road
Singing good god, this girl got good and Idastoned